Want to Make Money Writing?

The growth of the Internet has made it easy to make money writing at home. Anyone with a website can get more traffic to that site by using article marketing. Unless they want to spend hours and hours writing, many of these online marketers are happy to pay you to write for them. They need a constant supply of new articles in order to get good results from an article marketing campaign.

You don’t have to have a degree in writing to make good money writing for the Internet. Often you will be able to write without doing much research because many topics involve everyday experiences, services, and products. Simple, straightforward, conversational writing is a lot more effective than a formal, academic style.

There are hundreds of freelance writing jobs posted online every day – on sites like Craigslist, Elance, and Guru. Plus, you can find Internet marketers looking for articles by joining an online forum, going to seminars, and even by attending local networking events in your own community. Often, local business owners also need articles to help generate business through their websites, too.

Pricing for articles varies a lot, but it’s not hard to find projects that pay $25 or more per article. This can translate into an hourly rate of $100 or more once you get good at writing articles. Sure, there are clients out there who want to spend no reddit essay writing service more than $5 per article, but there are many more who understand the value of well-written articles. They’re likely to pay well and order articles every month.

You can find writing clients by attending marketing seminars, too. Internet marketers invest a lot of time and money in continuing education, and by attending live training events, you may be able to connect with new clients who need your services.

You can provide extra value to your clients by offering to perform article submission services for them. Having the articles is only part of a solid article marketing campaign – they must be submitted online in order to get results. While the process of submission isn’t exactly exciting or creative, it’s easy and if you create a system for doing it efficiently, you’ll be able to provide this add-on service and help your clients get even better results.

Once you’ve mastered writing simple articles, you can expand your writing services to provide even more to your clients. These same buyers likely also need press releases, ebooks, sales copy, and website copy. They may also need print materials such as brochures and direct mail pieces. With all these projects, it’s easier than ever to make money writing.

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