Romance Books – Discovering EBooks Through Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Series

Romance Books – Discovering EBooks Through Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Series

When I first tried out ebooks it opened a whole new way of exploring authors for me. One of the authors I found was Sherrilyn Kenyon and her Dark Hunter books. I very much wanted new reading material, I had got in a rut of authors and my favorite authors list was extremely low.

The reading order of this rather long series is confusing as there are short stories here and there in anthologies and even shorter stories thrown in as teasers into books. But this is what I make it out to be:

1. Fantasy Lover (2002)
2. The Beginning (2002) (in Sins of the Night)
3. Dragonswan (2002) (in Tapestry)
4. Night Pleasures (2002)
5. Night Embrace (2003)
6. Phantom Lover (2003) (in Midnight Pleasures)
7. Dance with the Devil
8. A Dark-Hunter Christmas (2003) (in Dance with the Devil)
9. Kiss of the Night (2004)
10. Night Play (2004)
11. Winter Born (2004) (in Stroke of Midnight)
12. Seize the Night (2004)
13. Sins of the Night (2005)
14. Second Chances (2005) (included in Unleash the Night)
15. Unleash the Night (2005)
16. The Dark Side of the Moon (2006)
17. A Hard Day’s Night-Searcher (2006) (in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding)
18. Until Death We Do Part (2006) (in Love at First Bite)
19. The Dream Hunter (2007)
20. Upon the Midnight Clear (2007)
21. Devil May Cry (2007)
22. The Dark-Hunter Companion (2007) (with Alethea Kontis)
23. Dream Chaser (2008)
24. Acheron (2008)
25. One Silent Night (2008)
26. Shadow of the Moon (2008) (in Dead After Dark)
27. Dream Warrior (2009)
28. Bad Moon Rising (2009)
29. No Mercy (2010)

I started with Night Pleasures. It was the earliest Dark Hunter book available in eBook form. I enjoyed it enough to order the next few books available in eBook which were Night Embrace, Dance With The Devil and Kiss of the Night.

I loved Night Embrace, it is one of my favorite Dark Hunter books and the one that got me hooked onto the Dark Hunters. Dance With The Devil and Kiss of the Night were also excellent. At this stage, being new to ebooks I thought I would want the paperback versions.

This was when I found out I am quite happy to only read ebooks. I got an eBook reader with the intention of being able to get books and read them quicker, for hopefully discovering new authors, but I still thought I would want the paperback versions of books I enjoyed.

I got Night Pleasures, Night Embrace, Dance with the Devil and Kiss of the Night all in paperbacks and never even opened them. When ever I wanted a re-read I just picked up my eBook reader.


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