Reports Indicate Teens Using Three Drugs Of Choice

The ever-changing drug scene is harder to predict today and more dangerous than ever before. High potency levels, dangerous chemicals and mixed substances introduce new threats to our youth and teens each year. As parents, what can you do?

Take time out to understand the issues and drug trends that presently surround youth pop culture. From a position of understanding, your preventative efforts will be more effective and Order Xanax Online fact-based.

Here is a current look at the three drugs of choice for teens in US high Buy Xanax Online schools today.

The New Trend of Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic substances ranging from Bath Salts to Synthetic Cannabis are relatively new amongst popular drugs, but are some of the most dangerous and unpredictable.

Slang names for synthetic marijuana include “herbal incense,” “K2” and “Spice.” The chemically engineered “fake weed” is simply dried leafy plant material that has been sprayed with toxic chemicals (synthetic cannabinoids) to supposedly mimic the high obtained from marijuana.

The substance, which looks more like an Italian spice than marijuana, is infamous for its foul smell, highly addictive nature and rough withdrawal symptoms upon coming down off of a high.

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