Pricing Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning is advertised anywhere from $100 to over $1,000, which does not make it easy for homeowners to compare services, let alone select a provider. Though most consumers assume that the service that charges the most provides the best service, this type of cleaning cleaning has proven that high price does not always indicate high-quality.Air Duct Cleaning: To Clean of Not to Clean? (Pros and Cons)

Though a cleaning service will advertise a relatively low price, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are offering all cleaning services moosegazete. Therefore, homeowners should look at the services included with the advertised price. Does the service provider only vacuum out the returns or will they sanitize and deodorize them as well? If not all services are included, homeowners should inquire how much extra these services will be on top of the advertised price.

Some providers will offer the ability to install a camera directly into a home’s air duct system. This allows the homeowners to see any dirt and buildup that accumulates over time. Though most service providers feel this is a valuable addition, some homeowners feel it is a waste of money.

A lot of lower priced services are because the furnace is not included in the advertised or quoted price. Homeowners should always have their furnace inspected and cleaned while having ducts cleaned to prevent the furnace from flushing debris and dust back into the returns. Therefore, homeowners should inquire as to whether or not the furnace service is part of the advertised price.

A lot of lower-end pricing comes from companies that are just starting out or who are not certified. Check with local health departments and the Better Business Bureau to find licensing and consumer information on any air duct cleaning service being considered. Make sure the service provider selected has been in business for several years and has built up a steady reputation amongst clients.

On top of certification, homeowners can find reviews and references for air duct cleaning companies online through a variety of service websites to see other customer experiences with that company

Heating and cooling contractors are aware of how a heating and cooling system works. That means they can clean a furnace and cooling system accurately and without causing damage to integral pieces. Heating and cooling specialists will also charge less for an than companies who do not specialize in air duct cleaning or heating/cooling service

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