If a Man Is Not Attracted to You, Would He Kiss You or Want to Kiss You? Learn This Right Now

There are many mysteries surrounding one simple kiss. It could mean love, desire, or just plain attraction. Consequently, people are confused regarding the motives behind a kiss. They find themselves clueless as to what to think when a certain person wants to kiss them. For this column, two things will be discussed – kisses and attraction. Generally, men wouldn’t want to kiss women they are not attracted to. Read on to know the reasons behind this.

Reason # 1: Men would never kiss women they are not attracted to
Whether a man is in lust or in love with a woman, he’d definitely feel the urge to kiss her. So, if you’re asking if a man is capable of kissing a woman he is not attracted to, the answer is a clear no. He might not have feelings for the woman but attraction is different and it comes in 918kiss many forms.

Reason # 2: A kiss is important in selecting your mate
Kisses are done when a man knows that he wants to be with a woman. This is why, it is rather futile to think that a man would kiss a woman he does not feel attracted to.

Reason # 3: Men kiss women to build anticipation
A man who likes a particular woman would want to kiss her to build up anticipation of sex. He may not be in love with her but he is most definitely attracted to her. After all, even if men are more prone to doing one night stands, they’d still want to do it with someone they are attracted to.

Reason # 4: Men consider the appearance of a woman before kissing her
Research has proven that men screen women before kissing them. This screening has something to do with the body size and shape of the woman. They also regard the weight of the woman before they kiss them. So, if a man feels that her physical appearance is not attractive for him, why would he kiss her?

Reason # 5: It’s all about intimacy
When a man wants to kiss a woman, he wants to be intimate with her. Definitely, a man would not seek a kiss unless he wants to build intimacy with the girl. Moreover, intimacy starts with attraction.

Reason # 6: A man who kisses a woman is crazy about her
Going crazy for a woman may be expressed by a man through a kiss. If he is crazy about her, chances are he would want to kiss her; surely, such obsession would stem from his attraction to her. It’s relatively easy for men to want to kiss women they think are beautiful and appealing.

Reason # 7: Getting closer
A kiss could also mean that a man would like to be closer to the woman he is attracted to. So, whether it is a light kiss or otherwise, kissing closes in the gap between two individuals.


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