How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

When you get to a certain age it slowly starts to dawn on us ladies that over the years we’ve probably accumulated more clothes in our wardrobe (not to mention the spare bedroom’s wardrobes, every chests of drawers in the house, all the bedside tables, the attics, under the bed, kitchen drawers and even in the garage) than we could possibly wear in a year. And yet we never have Techwear Style anything to wear!

If that sounds like you then follow these few basic guidelines and not only will you suddenly have tons of space in your home for important things like the grandchildren’s letters and pictures, but you will also have a streamlined capsule wardrobe and always something nice to wear.

Firstly – be ruthless. Sort through your clothes and throw everything that you haven’t worn in the last year in to the charity shop pile. If all the four seasons have passed and you haven’t worn something then it is extremely unlikely you are going to wear it ever again. Don’t hold on to anything that’s too small in the (vain!) hope that you will slim in to it one day.

Next, sort out the remaining clothes in to different colours. How many colours do you have? Most people over forty should stick to a basic palette consisting of a few colours that they know suit them. If there’s a little top or blouse standing out on its own because it’s lime green, or custard yellow then are you really sure the colour’s you? If not, then bung it in the charity pile!

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