Discount Marine Electronics Makes Even High End Marine Binoculars Affordable

A sturdy, waterproof marine binocular with water repellent lens coating is a great piece of equipment for marine and boating enthusiasts. Steiner has long stood out as a premier manufacturer of Marine Binoculars. The new Steiner 395 Marine Binoculars 7×50 Commander XP C is a high end binocular that offers high definition viewing due to its XP Optics technology. This high tech optical coating enables you to see crisp, clear images even in bright sunlight. This marine binocular also has what Steiner calls “NANO” protection which means that lenses repel water and moisture so you never have to wipe them dry. How do they do it? A permanent molecular bond on the surface of the lens makes it super smooth so moisture doesn’t stand a chance.

The 7×50 395 Steiner has a 368 x1000 ft field of view, slightly more that its pricier counterpart, and it also has 22 mm eye relief so you get a comfortable viewing angle even if you wear prescription eyeglasses. The binocular also comes with a built-in compass. This top of the line marine binocular retails in the $1,200 range. You can find it for several hundred dollars less if you shop online for discount marine strap

Another great Steiner binocular is the 7×50 685 model. This model is a little cheaper than the 395 because the lenses don’t have NANO optics, although you lose nothing in magnification power, and it has the same milspec waterproofing and 22 mm field of view for easy adjustment with your eyeglasses. Rubber armoring ensures that the equipment won’t slip even on wet surfaces.

The built-in compass in the Steiner 685 includes a range finding reticle which makes it easy to determine distance and it illuminates to help you read bearings in the dark. You can find this binocular in online discount marine electronics stores for a little over $400, although it retails for substantially more than that.

Both the 395 and the 685 use alkaline (watch) batteries and come with a variety of useful accessories including rain-guard, straps and objective covers.

Steiner makes a whole range of marine binoculars to suit a variety of sporting and boating needs. The Steiner 8×30 marine binoculars 185 is a compact, basic binocular that weighs only 8 ounces and fits in your pocket yet it offers 8 times magnification with auto-focus. Shopping online for marine electronics you can find the Steiner 185 for a little over $200.

No matter what your budget or requirements, from very high end, to a simple pocket binocular, you will find better deals online once you know what you are looking for. So do a little research, determine what features you need in your marine binoculars and then shop with knowledge.



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