College Admissions Essay Tips: Conquering College Essays

Get a head start on your essays in the spring and summer of your junior year: Conquering essay tips

As you visit colleges, as you browse through college essay writer service catalogs and cruise the Internet doing your college searches, you will gather tidbits of information that will help you in the process of writing your college essays. From visiting colleges/universities, you will listen to college admission counselors and college students speak about their campuses, which will add information to your pool of knowledge that you will draw from when you write your college essays.

Depending on the number of schools that you will apply to, will in turn, determine how many essays you will be writing. You will write numerous college essays and the theme/questions that you will write on may be similar but you must be creative in writing each essay. As you look at schools and visit schools, you should look at the applications of the schools that has peaked your interest to see what questions they want you to write your essay on. You should pick questions that are common in different applications and begin to draft your essay. I would not wait until the fall of the senior year to start writing your essays. In the fall of the senior year, you want to share your essay with your English teacher for some editorial tips. You will write a different essay for each institution that you will apply to but the main theme may be quite similar.

The importance of your essay in the college admissions process: A well-written essay can make a huge difference in the admissions process

The essay is your best chance for you to express yourself and share a tidbit of your personality with the admission counselors. After the admission counselors have looked over your academic records, your class rank and your SAT/ACT, the essay is what makes your application file come alive or not depending on the quality of your essay. Everything being equal, your essay may determine whether you get accepted or denied admissions to the institution of your choice. One of the biggest mistakes that some students make is to write a poor essay and submit it to numerous institutions without spending sufficient time on this important piece of the college application process.

Some students will make the deadly mistake of writing one essay and just tweak it a little by just changing the name of the institution and submit it to various institutions. In some cases, they have overlooked the removal of the name of the previous school that they sent the essay to because they had mentioned the name of the previous school in more than one area of the essay. If you do this, you will get a rejection letter. I have heard this scenario many times from the admission counselors.

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