Cellular Handsets And Wi-Fi Mode – How To Harness The Power Now

Many handset manufacturers have set production to include WiFi technology. Many cellular service carriers have not set in motion the service of WiFi technology and in fact have had handset manufacturers disenable the WiFi portion of the handset. Many carriers who do offer these handsets have priced them beyond normal retail pricing. These same handsets have also been “locked” (handsets that will only work on the carrier’s service) to their own service so no real freedom or cost savings can be found.

Handset manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, iPhone,and even Blackberry are producing powerful WiFi capable handsets. Why use WiFi? The reward and cost savings will be found in the ability to make VoIP calls through the existing handset. At present there will be a separate number and identity. Calling by WiFi has great savings over the GSM network for both user and operator. Picture making calls at the office, home, or even any open WiFi network without incurring cellular costs with stronger signal strength.

So, what is in the future for WiFi dual mode handsets? First is a longer battery life. Presently surfing the web and placing calls through the WiFi side portion of the handset uses more battery power. New chip designs are in the works to solve this problem.Second is the perfection of seamlessly switching between the WiFi VoIP phone and the GSM network. Many handsets active on a WiFi network will drop the call once out of signal range. Nokia is the forerunner on having the ability to switch between the two technologies without dropping the call.

How can one take advantage of this WiFi techonolgy? The  dual mode bluetooth module average user today is at the mercy on what their carrier provides them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. By going to an independent handset retailer, one can purchase one of these handsets. There are many different styles to choose from. Freedom. Handsets for just calling and music play, e-mail capable, large screens for easy viewing of the internet are just a few features that are available. Besides the freedom of an “unlocked” phone, one can travel to distant lands and purchase a temporary SIM card and use your handset as a local phone. Also having an “unlocked” phone will allow a choice on less expensive services such as VoIP calling and e-mail services.

Enaballing these handsets independent services can be frustrating. Sometimes even finding the right handset can be difficult. One example of frustration is the iPhone. Once unlocked, it still has many of the feature sets of the carrier. There are simple steps that be taken to have this handset operate in your choice.

Brent Bowlin is the Marketing Manager of uWho Wireless. Brent strives to embrace new technologies and put them in motion for the consumer market. Brent consults with many fields in the mobile industry such as: handset programming, content providers, handset wholesalers, cellular service, e-mail service providers, and VoIP services.


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