American Furniture Spotlight: Johnston Casuals

Johnston Casuals is a modern steel furniture manufacturer located in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Blending unique designs together from metal, wood and upholstery has allowed this manufacturer to create furniture that offers more than just function, its modern art. This furniture is proudly made in the USA. Johnston Casuals offer a wide range of furniture products, safe non-toxic metal finishes and a commitment to manufacturing eco-friendly products.

Johnston Casuals history has a rich heritage of furniture design spanning generations all the way back to the early 1900’s. Andrew Baline Johnston was a wood worker who started out a business in 1905 of hand crafting wooden coffins. Heading into the 1920’s he would expand Powdercoating his business into making wooden bedroom furnishings from American Red Oak sourced right in North Carolina. This new venture proved to be quite successful and a furniture manufacturing legacy was born.

Andrew would have a son named Richard who would carry on the traditions of his father’s woodworking by forming his own furniture company using the name Drew Furniture in 1958. It was almost inevitable that the companies of both father and son would find their way together and the two companies would merge to form a single furniture company that would come to be called American Drew.

Many years later, grandson Joe Johnston would take up the family tradition of furniture making by joining the family business in 1968. Joe would get hands on experience in manufacturing home furnishings in the factory from his father. Working for the family furniture manufacturing business from high school through college gave Joe a great sense for what he wanted to do, and that was furniture.

In 1980 Joe formed his own furniture manufacturing company called Johnston Casuals and located it in North Carolina. Joe’s passion for modern furniture and design led him into steel manufacturing. He could now create steel furniture that not only was functional but would provide the appearance of modern art. Joe partnered with top New York designers in creating an entire line of furniture that was both visually appealing and comfortable to use.

 line of furniture consists of steel designs across a wide range of furniture products. Dining sets consist of tables with glass tops over steel frames and dining chairs feature steel and upholstery options. Bar sets are also available in 24″ and 30″ heights with options for seat upholstery and metal finishes. Other steel furniture pieces include étagères, wine racks, occasional tables and more.

One of the most interesting things about the metal furniture from Johnston Casuals is the use of a powdercoated finish. This finish is done by electrostatically charging the powder to the metal through a sort of powder wash process where it charges to the metal. Powedercoating is safe, non-toxic and family friendly in that it is very chip resistant. The look of this finish can be further enhanced by applying just a small amount of automobile wax to a cloth and wiping the steel portions of the furniture down to give it a beautiful sheen.

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