Amano FPT-40 – Quite Possibly One of the Best Biometric Time Clocks For Small Businesses

The Amano FPT-40 is one of the best biometric time clocks available today and for good reason. With the solid reputation of the Amano brand, the FPT-40 offers brand recognition with the latest biometric fingerprint authentication method making the switch to a biometrics based time and attendance system an easy one.

If your business has been reluctant control de acceso biometrico to make the leap into a biometrics based time and attendance system, you can put your fears to rest with one of the best biometric time clocks available today – the FPT40 by Amano. Read more as we takes a closer look at this popular biometric time and attendance system.


One of the best selling features of the Amano FPT-40 is that is a turnkey time and attendance solution that is ready to work directly from the box. No annual contracts, per-seat licenses, or other hassles to worry about. With the FPT-40 you have everything you need for a business with up to 100 employees. Got more than that? No worries! This Amano Biometric Time Clock is upgradable to a total of 250 employees! When you open the box, you’ll find all of the hardware, software, and cables to get going right away. Many other time clocks may look affordable, but once you realize you need to by the wall mounts, cables, adapters, power supply and software, the price can often double. Not with the FPT-40. For well under $450 you have an awesome robust time and attendance solution!

Punching in with Biometrics

So you’ve heard about biometrics and wondered how it works? Well its simple. Biometrics refers to an authentication method that utilizes a persons fingerprint (or other biometric identifier) to recognize a person. With the a biometric fingerprint scanner is used. Employees simply press their finger onto the scanner and the system will clock them in or out in around 1 second. The process is extremely easy and reliable. With most biometric scanners, the actual fingerprint is never stored per say, only certain areas of the fingerprint which are used to create a unique identifier.

A Turnkey Solution

One of the reasons the FPT-40 is one of the best biometric time clock systems is that is really is a turnkey solution. The Time Guardian software is extremely stable, dependable, and feature rich for a time and attendance system in this price range. The software easily installs on any Windows machine and even supports multiple languages. One of the features of the Time Guardian Software is that is integrates with many popular payroll applications including: ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, Peachtree, and more! The Time Guardian Software is really easy to use and is customizable with its large selection of reports.

Customizable Software

One of the best selling features of this clock is that you can eliminate buddy punching where a worker will punch a coworkers time clock so that they can arrive late, leave a bit early, or take a longer than scheduled lunch. With the Amano FPT-40, you can eliminate buddy punching which can save your business thousands in payroll. Fraudulent time stamps are a thing of the past with this biometric time clock system.

The Time Guardian Software comes standard with a variety of reports including department reports, hours worked, employee exceptions, audit trail, hours summary and much more. Even better, you can create rules that meet your companies standards such as auto-deducting for meals/breaks, overtime authorization capability, time rounding rules, department groups, pay policies, group schedules, individual schedules, and holiday rules.

The Final Verdict

When you add all of these features together it is easy to see why the Amano FPT-40 is one of the best biometric time clock systems available for small business owners. If you’ve been reluctant to switching to a biometrics based time clock system, you can put your fears to rest with the FPT-40.

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