2 Fatal Mistakes in Real Estate Websites

Real estate websites are like mushrooms rapidly sprouting everywhere, and will probably keep on going, as long as someone would like to increase his revenue by targeting on-line home buyers. This is not a bad idea, in fact this is genius.

But do you know that by having a site that is not searchable is a taboo? If you think that “you’ll attract buyers by just having a site,” you just prove you’re wrong. Have you forgotten that you’re not the only one who market homes? Given that you only have few web competitors, where will you get the confidence of besting them? Are you contented to be always outranked?

But don’t worry, it’s very simple to fix – all you have to do is realtor social media post  avoid the 2 fatal mistakes was about to mention. These are “poor content” and “less authority.” By fixing these issues, you should be able to win the completion in due time. It’s very easy but will consume your time, are you interested?

Poor content is when your website suffers from less and duplicates issues. Often, real estate owners think that a site listing is different from all other websites and it should be less in content but more on photographs. Where did they get that idea from? For you to solve this – try to real estate social media postsoriginal lines as much as you can (as long as it’s minimum of 300 but not more than 600 words) in every page especially on home page.

When you do this – do not just stuff unnecessary and irrelevant words, you ought to be compelling and affectionate as much as you can. Don’t get this wrong, you’re doing this not to sell yourself but to sell your product by letting them know how much you care. By letting them feel that it’s best for their sake. By letting them feel that it’s really a waste to let the product left unnoticed.

Have you heard about website authority? Website authority is all about “quality and popularity” factor. “Quality Factor” is about delivering good user experience and being recognized by other experts. It can be achieved when on-line visitors (people who click your site) regard your web page as relevant, informative and helpful. In the same manner, Popularity Factor is when your site or gets a lot of bookmarks and social media mentions. Additionally, this is when your article or social media post linking to your site gets noticed by many people – all the more reason for you to write good tag lines and quality contents.


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